Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence Certification Training Program [AI-900] ( with Hands-on LAB )

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Course Overview

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will define the next generation of software solutions and unlock the potential to create amazing applications that improve life for everyone. This course introduces AI and the Microsoft services can be used to create AI solutions.

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning are all set to dictate the future of technology. The focus of Microsoft Azure on machine-learning innovation is one of the prominent reasons for the rising popularity of Azure AI. Therefore, many aspiring candidates are looking for credible approaches for the AI-900 exam preparation that is a viable instrument for candidates to start their careers in Azure AI.

The interesting fact about the AI-900 certification is that it is a fundamental-level certification exam. Therefore, candidates from technical and non-technical backgrounds both can pursue the AI-900 certification exam. In addition, there is no requirement for software engineering or data science experience for the AI-900 certification exam.

The AI-900 certification can also help you build the foundation for Azure AI Engineer Associate or Azure Data Scientist Associate certifications.

This course will prepare you to take the AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals exam. It will cover everything you need to know about this exam.

Hands-on LAB

Who is this program for

Freshers / Professionals who are interested in Artificial intelligence and Machine learning developer / Data scientists / Data Analysts and want to work on projects involving the use of AI / ML services can take this AI fundamental certification course.

Those who are interested in learning the basics of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning


tech professionals say they earned a promotion


upskilled to keep pace with changing technologies


greater job satisfaction

Key Highlights

Specialization & Course Certificates via Shareable URLs

In Class training available

Self-paced learning option

Video lectures and readings for each topic

Practice quizzes for all

Industry Insights (Numbers)

Most organizations are expanding their use of cloud at an accelerated pace to maintain their competitive edge, accelerate innovation and transform interactions with customers, employees, and partners. The COVID-19 pandemic has further increased the speed and scale of cloud adoption. But while cloud is top-of-mind for everyone, there is still work to be done to manage cloud complexity.

In this Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report on The State of Cloud-Driven Transformation, learn how organizations are faring in their cloud journeys and how your organization can build a foundation for greater agility, security, efficiency, and innovation. Top findings include:

A new report by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), in conjunction with Draup, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Accenture, estimates that the demand for cloud technology professionals is likely to rise and touch around 2 million by 2025.

Companies are hiring



Course Modules

Skills Covered

After completing this course, students will be able to:

Tools Covered

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Ameya Cloud’s Way of Effective Learning

Trainers Info


Hi, my name’s Ganesan. I am the founder of Ameya Cloud, a highly experienced Multi-Cloud Solutions Architect and a successful IT instructor. I’ve been working in IT for over 19 years in various roles ranging from solution development to architecture. Over the last 15 years, I have mainly worked as a Solutions Architect, Data Architect, System Architect, Application Architect, etc…  in the IT space for enterprise organizations.

My experience in IT has included working with Data Analytics, AI/ML solution Development, Digital transformation, virtualization, and cloud computing since its inception. In my most recent consulting role, I worked as an Enterprise Cloud Architect designing Hybrid IT and Digital Transformation solutions.

I have always enjoyed earning IT certifications, and they have helped me immensely with moving upwards throughout my career. These days, my passion is to help others achieve their career goals through in-depth Cloud certification training resources.

That’s why I started Ameya cloud ( ameyacloud. in) – to provide certification training resources for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google GCP certifications that represent a higher quality standard than is otherwise available in the market. So far, I have trained more than 5000+ professionals across the globe.


A seasoned leader in strategy and delivery of Enterprise Solutions using Cloud Computing(AWS, Azure & GCP), Big Data (Hadoop & Serverless), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Data Management Capabilities (MDM, Data Governance, Advanced Analytics).

I am experienced in cloud infrastructure, security, cloud migration, Big data & Serverless architectures on AWS, Azure, and GCP. Proficient knowledge and experience with AI and Machine Learning services on cloud infrastructure.


Our students go on to launch challenging new careers in the tech industry

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When I started this program, I wasn't well equipped with a technology background. In 2-3 months’ time, I gained industry-level AI knowledge which landed me on a job way before graduation. It is hard work, there is no putting it lightly. Thank you Ameya.
Sujinshu Aadhya
Sujinshu Aadhya
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I had started improving my skills while learning from Ameya, skills by open sources two years before I applied for the Data Analytics program. Courses from Ameya help me to get basics clear and AI-900 become a game-changer for my career.
Hetaranga Iyer
Hetaranga Iyer
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I worked as a App developer for a while after completing my graduation. I still remains unsatisfied with my job. So, i was thinking about getting a career in Tech field. Ameya is the platform that helps me achieve what i’ve looking for.


This course is designed for learners trying to become Data engineers / Data Scientists / Data Analysts and learn the fundamentals of data platform concepts in a cloud environment. It is intended for those with minimal technical background, who are looking to get basic skills in cloud data services and are looking to build their foundational knowledge of cloud data services within Microsoft Azure. 

Learners will be able to identify and describe core data concepts such as relational, non-relational, big data & analytics, and how this technology is implemented, through cloud data solutions with Microsoft Azure.

AmeyaCloud, a Microsoft Partner, is undoubtedly the best Azure training provider in Bangalore, Chennai, and other cities in India. Ameya Cloud has trained over 5000 IT professionals from fortune 500 companies in Cloud since 2017. From personalized mentoring to self-paced learning modules, we provide a growth-oriented learning experience to nurture their future.

  • Ameya Cloud training modules are equipped with 50%-60% hands-on lab sessions.

  • Highly interactive virtual and classroom teaching.

  • Qualified instructor-led training and mentoring sessions.

  • Practice lab and projects aligned to Azure learning modules.

  • It has integrated teaching assistance and support.

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